For a start, it actually feels good to finish the website at 3:00 am in the morning, Been ages since i actually worked on one this late. Like Arwin keeps telling me “Just start working, You will get a hang of it”. About time i realized its way passed my bedtime. Although i wish i could sleep. These night shifts are squeezing in on me, bit by bit.

Tried to add a few new things up on the website, The Skills widget was a Pain. Was easy once i got a hang of it. WordPress actually brings out the magic that you always expect. How i thank Larkins and Roydon for ruining my time pestering me to learn WordPress. Guess that paid off.

If you are a n00b in the Web Designing domain, I suggest you to start off with WordPress, and a little bit of Adobe Photoshop. You can work Miracles with these two amazing tools starting with the simplest of the blogs to the most ravishing websites. It took me more than a year to get comfy with these two brilliant tools. Still learning though. There’s so much you can do.The
learning never stops.


Starting off with a new turn, Wish me luck. :)